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Committed to unraveling the impact of bias on individuals, organizations, and systems.


Dr. Will Osmun, founder of Wicked Bridges, LLC offers proven DEI strategies that incorporate IFS, trauma therapy, somatic psychotherapy, and Compassionate Listening to address the roots of our biases with care, confidentiality, and a shared commitment to success.

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DEI Strategy, Consulting, and Coaching

Directly addressing Bias and Cultural/Legacy Burdens using IFS.

$250 per hour

Addressing Biases + IFS

IFS is a profound healing modality for addressing personal, cultural, and legacy burdens at the root of our biases. While everyone struggles with biases, the impact on leaders can range from troubling to career-ending, to say nothing of the impact on an organization's reputation. As an IFS-informed practitioner, Dr. Osmun works with leaders to get to the roots of the bias in a non-judgmental, confidential process that has a lasting impact on the participant and the organization.

Wicked Bridges trains teams to identify and resolve employee issues related to bias, recruitment/retention, connection, collaboration, and shared values. Whether in a one-time, limited engagement or for an ongoing relationship, we'll walk alongside your leaders to help them evaluate their needs, guiding them to look at social issues from a business perspective, reframe complex problems, create solutions from a profit and loss context, and build community connections so they can navigate issues in a meaningful way.

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Customized Workshops for Community & Corporate: Workshops, Keynote and Panels. Rates TBD

Workshops + Facilitation

Will brings decades of experience speaking on various topics; popular workshop topics include discrimination, inclusion, biases, workplace conflict, retention, collaboration, and Compassionate Listening. With options ranging from one-hour to multiple-day engagements, workshops will be customized to meet the needs and expectations of the participants. Workshops include a variety of learning styles including lectures, small group work, large group sharing, experiential, and self-reflection.


Key Note + Panels + Presentations

Bringing decades of experience speaking on various topics, Popular talks include topics on discrimination, racism, poverty, privilege, retention, reentry, collaboration, DEI: what works and what doesn’t work, and Business opportunities in a changing demographic landscape. We customize talks to meet your organization's needs, working in advance to discern the identity and desires of each unique audience.

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Individual Virtual IFS Coaching sessions. Limited availability. 

$200 per 90-minute session

IFS is a profoundly healing therapeutic and coaching modality that supports individual growth through compassionate exploration of one's own parts. Through virtual sessions, Dr. Osmun combines Somatic Psychotherapy and IFS Coaching for his clients nationwide.

I recommend this introduction to IFS from the founder, Dick Shwartz. 

My company had Will in for a multiple-day training that was informative, accessible, and empowering. I felt honored and cared for while simultaneously being inspired to dive deeper. Will struck that hard to find balance with mastery. Will's humanistic and authentic approach left me with new insights and support for continuing to unpack my own biases, and tools to continue to connect with my colleagues as we weave a culture of care and trust with our clients. I was thrilled to leave the training with such a difference being made in my personal life and grateful for how I can now support teams and leaders on an even deeper level. I highly recommend engaging with Will and his expertise in any way you can.

~Laurie A., Executive Coach & Facilitator
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