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DEI begins with acknowledging our biases.
By understanding and identifying the root causes, we can heal, build, and sustain cultures that support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 


Wicked Bridges, LLC provides comprehensive consulting and coaching services rooted in leadership theory, IFS, somatic psychotherapy, Compassionate Listening, conflict management, neuroscience, learning theory, mediation, and DEI practices. Our trainings, consulting, and coaching supports participants in developing the skills needed to become better self-aware leaders, listeners, and effective communicators.


Comprehensive DEI consulting and coaching services to nonprofit organizations, executives, government leaders, and individuals, with a focus on executives and human resource teams.
Supporting teams in navigating complex problems across a broad spectrum of diversity issues, always focusing on our shared humanity and honoring the lived experiences of those involved.
Traditional DEI frameworks that address wicked problems such as diversity, bias, equity, othering, or inclusion often unintentionally create new layers of dehumanization, forcing us into additional cycles of conflict, division, and despair.
Wicked Bridges, LLC believes in a different approach that re-envisions the orientation so individuals and groups become intrigued, interested, invigorated, honest, and hopeful. Engaging the issues with a new perspective, we can uncover new opportunities while navigating these minefields. 

Guiding teams to look at social issues from a business perspective, reframe complex problems, create solutions from a profit/loss context, and build community connections  in a meaningful way.

Through a leadership and equity lens, Will has presented nationally on race, privilege, equity, poverty, employment, community building, collaboration, DEI,  and rethinking the nonprofit agenda.

IFS is a profoundly healing coaching modality. Through virtual sessions, Dr. Osmun combines Somatic Psychotherapy and IFS for his individual clients nationwide.

Are there practical, meaningful ways to create places of dignity and respect,
much less inclusion and belonging? I believe there is. While not easy or quick, we can start building bridges based on dignity and respect to support your inclusion
and belonging efforts.


The perfect mix of academia and grit.
- Bill M., Healthcare, President & CEO

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